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Re: [IP] Humalog to Novolog

> I have been having some site and other problems with my Humalog and
> learned from the list that Novolog might be a better insulin option
> for me.  I have the prescription and was wondering if anyone has
> done the switch?  Do I just use the same basal/bolus rates or do I
> need to start over again and establish new baselines??  Any other
> ideas/suggestions?  Thanks in advance for any advice!

There are quite a number of people that have switched. A condensed 
version of their comments run the gamut of "no difference" to "big 
decrease in insulin requirements". Many people, my daughter included, 
have seen a marked decrease in their insulin needs. A very few have 
reported that Novolog did not work for them, in fact they reported 
problems similar to those reported by dissatisfied Humalog users. 
This represented a minority view -- I suspect there is a subset of 
people that have difficulty with the "analog" properties of Novolog 
similar to Humalog folks -- different people, same symtoms. Most 
people that made comments were those with Humalog problems that 
switched in the hopes that Novolog would provide a good alternative. 
>From what I can tell from the approximately 20 response I've saved, 
the switch was successful for most of them and they no longer 
exhibited things like short site life, reddness, etc.... the 
previously had with Humalog. In my daughter's case, she experienced 
a roughly 30% drop in insulin needs, though I would characterize this 
as atypical, on the high end of what has been reported by others.

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