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Re: [IP] Cataracts

As someone else mentioned in their reply - the standard isn't when your retinologist wants to take out a cataract, it is when it interefers with you ability to function.  A cataract may look very insignificant to a doctor - they frequently relate the severity of the cataract to how well they can see in (How well they see in approximates how well you see out.)  Retina docs, by definition, work on the retina.  If the cataract doesn't block their view of the retina, it isn't a bad cataract.  But you probably would not have the cataract removed by the retina doc.  Get another opinion.  The standard in most states to "qualify" is 20/40 under glare conditions.  The doc should do a test where you read the chart while looking into a bright light.  Several types of cataracts will cause the light to scatter causing lots of glare which makes it tough to see.  There are a couple different types of surgery, but the most common is very quick - about 15 minutes.  It is done with only topic!
al drops - no injections.  (In case those are a problem.  lol)These are just guidelines of course, YMMV depending on several factors:  general health, anxiety, refractive error, surgeon preference etc.  Recovery time is very quick with many people seeing very well the next day when the patch/shield is removed.  But it is not uncommon for recovery to take longer - so "perfect vision" the next day is not something to panic over.  What ever you decide to do - good luck!
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