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[IP] Re: Freestyle meter & strips

I don't know about the rest of you, but I agree with Jayne, I have been using
the Freestyle for 2 years and 7 months, I LOVE IT!!!  I dropped it once when I
first got it because the design was unfamiliar & I had trouble holding it, it
broke, Freestyle replaced in immediately, said it had a 5 year warrantee
regardless of how or why it broke.  I use approximately 300 strips per month,
so over the time I've had the meter, that's a lot!  I have never had any of
the problems that some of you have said, I get enough blood, especially if you
press down on the site with the lancing device, after lancing it, kind of like
the "milking" you have to do with your fingers at times.  I haven't had any
problems with the amount of time it takes to register the blood sugar results,
I also average 1 to 2 strips per 100, maybe, that don't register, my blood
sugar levels are right on with the ones done at the same time both at my
Endo's office and with other "finger" meters I've got at home.  Maybe your
being too critical, its different and your just not used to it , maybe, you
just expect more miracles than you would with the other more familiar  "older"
style devices.  I have many family members that also have the Freestyle and
they love theirs too, even my backup meter is a Freestyle.

Funny how when I bought and tried the One Touch Ultra and couldn't get it to
work, it just didn't "suck up" the blood, I got the same kind of attitude as
you say you got from the Freestyle rep, the One Touch rep was rude, didn't
offer to replace or refund and told me to "practice", I just wasn't doing it
right or maybe I should shave my arms because if they are too hairy, the
machine won't work either, I'm not a baboon, I hardly have any hair on the
sites I choose, arms included!  So now I have a One Touch Ultra that I can't
and won't use, ever!!!!  If you want it Laura, or any one else, just email me
and I will break all speed records to get it mailed off to you, promise.

: sarah levi <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Freestyle test strips

I'm another pumper who has a FreeStyle and hates it.
I get varying and inaccurate results, and it is very
problematic holding the meter in place, in proper
angle, to get it to draw in blood. The Freestyle rep
told me that I just need to practice, and since the
meter gives a correct result with the test solution,
it is fine.

I'll probably go back to the Accutrend - the only
thing I don't like about it is the big drop of blood

Subject: Re: [IP] Freestyle test strips

Sarah, have you thought about the One Touch Ultra?  I
have been through a lot of meters, but this is one I
love!   Cynthia
Subject: Re: [IP] Freestyle test strips

When I encountered the
>second one (today), I called TheraSense.  They said they'd send 30
>strips as a replacement.  The guy I talked to said this was "unusual",
>but he seemed to know what I was talking about right away when I
>described the problem. (Both boxes DID have the same lot number). He
>didn't even offer an apology for the inconvenience. I was just wondering
>if  any other Freestyle users have encountered this problem?  Or am I
>just unlucky?

I have been using a FreeStyle for quite a while now (over a year, I believe)
and have had no problems like this.  I had some kind of error with my
machine a while ago where it would perform the test fine but not let me into
the memory.  When I called therasense they were great about it.  By the time
I got off the phone with them the machine was working, but five minutes
later they called me back and said that, because they weren't sure what was
wrong with it, they were going to send me a new machine just in case it
happened again.  So, now I have two, which is great.  I'm surprised that
they weren't nicer to you.  Maybe the guy you were talking to was having a
bad day.


Subject: [IP] Re: Freestyle test strips

I just love how they figure it's YOUR fault if you're having problems
with their meter!  To me, testing isn't something that should take a
huge amount of skill and dexterity to perform.  It should be something
you can do even if you're having a bad hypo.  If someone who's
experienced with bg testing on other meters needs a lot of "practice" to
get it right with the Freestyle, that's a problem with the meter!  (and
who wants to waste a ton of test strips "practicing"?)

As for accuracy with the Freestyle -- whenever I've done back-to-back
tests, the results have usually been within a couple points of each
other.  I think the largest variation I've gotten was 12 points, but
that one was probably at least partly my error -- the reason I did the
second test was because I thought I might have messed up the first.
(and to be fair, I occasionally got "wild" readings with my Complete
meter also).

Overall, I'm not totally unhappy with my Freestyle, yet (as long as this
strip problem doesn't keep happening!).  But I may look around for any
"giveaways" of the Ultra (I really don't want to spend more money on
another meter).

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