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> Over the
> past year I have developed serious problems with my vision due to the
> formation of cataracts.  A retinologist who looked at my eyes told me he
> would not consider removing the cataracts until they were much more
> advanced.  I work as a librarian and my inability to see creates a
> problem.  Has anyone dealt with cataracts or had surgery to remove
> them?
> Sue Stone


I had both eyes done 1/93 and 3/93. For most people it's a simple maybe
few-minute procedure. For me with my
sensitivity I had to be put to sleep. The anesthesiologist came in and
talked to me and requested I turn pump off and this was before I had
advanced training via the 'net - so I complied. Wouldn't do that now. Now I
explain I'll take a BG first, depending on what it is, I'll just let it run
normal basal. For heart cath I was 170 going in - 130 coming out. Perfect!

Anyhoo, my second eye was done 2 mos. later. He did the worst first, so my
*best* eye could have vision during the wait. When he did the 2nd I had much
better vision in the healed eye.

You'll be surprised at the brightness of lights when this is done as that
cloudy thing you may not notice too much now, will be gone. Colors will also
be much brighter. (One lady finally agreed with her dtrs that her living
room colors were well mismatched.) I carry sunglasses with me constantly and
very glad for them with snow. I value my vision highly since I at one time
was not allowed to drive with 20/400 (yes, hundred) then the vitrectomy and
long-time healing.

I hope you will be more excited than nervous that *we* don't have to wear
those Coke bottle bottom glasses anymore like they did in '60s and before
since they did not have implants - yet.

BTW, I often tell people I have implants. When their eyes drop, I say *In my
eyes!!*  One gal in our Toastmasters club thought it meant I had two
glass eyes. ;)

But, Sue, you can always get a second opinion. Best to you and let us know.

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