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[IP] Re: Freestyle test strips

> I'm another pumper who has a FreeStyle and hates it.
> I get varying and inaccurate results, and it is very
> problematic holding the meter in place, in proper
> angle, to get it to draw in blood. The Freestyle rep
> told me that I just need to practice, and since the
> meter gives a correct result with the test solution,
> it is fine.
I just love how they figure it's YOUR fault if you're having problems
with their meter!  To me, testing isn't something that should take a
huge amount of skill and dexterity to perform.  It should be something
you can do even if you're having a bad hypo.  If someone who's
experienced with bg testing on other meters needs a lot of "practice" to
get it right with the Freestyle, that's a problem with the meter!  (and
who wants to waste a ton of test strips "practicing"?)

As for accuracy with the Freestyle -- whenever I've done back-to-back
tests, the results have usually been within a couple points of each
other.  I think the largest variation I've gotten was 12 points, but
that one was probably at least partly my error -- the reason I did the
second test was because I thought I might have messed up the first.
(and to be fair, I occasionally got "wild" readings with my Complete
meter also).

Overall, I'm not totally unhappy with my Freestyle, yet (as long as this
strip problem doesn't keep happening!).  But I may look around for any
"giveaways" of the Ultra (I really don't want to spend more money on
another meter).

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