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Re: [IP] Freestyle test strips

When I encountered the
>second one (today), I called TheraSense.  They said they'd send 30
>strips as a replacement.  The guy I talked to said this was "unusual",
>but he seemed to know what I was talking about right away when I
>described the problem. (Both boxes DID have the same lot number). He
>didn't even offer an apology for the inconvenience. I was just wondering
>if  any other Freestyle users have encountered this problem?  Or am I
>just unlucky?

I have been using a FreeStyle for quite a while now (over a year, I believe) 
and have had no problems like this.  I had some kind of error with my 
machine a while ago where it would perform the test fine but not let me into 
the memory.  When I called therasense they were great about it.  By the time 
I got off the phone with them the machine was working, but five minutes 
later they called me back and said that, because they weren't sure what was 
wrong with it, they were going to send me a new machine just in case it 
happened again.  So, now I have two, which is great.  I'm surprised that 
they weren't nicer to you.  Maybe the guy you were talking to was having a 
bad day.


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