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Re: [IP] Upgrading to a newer pump

Linda Bork wrote:

> Billie,
> I recently upgraded from a MM507 to the Paradigm.  The only pumps I considered were the Animas and
> the Paradigm, because I wanted the new menu driven interface.  I chose the Paradigm because after
> using MM for 6 years, I am used to the way I set basals, square waves, etc.  I borrowed an Animas
> for a weekend, but could not make the switch to their way of doing everything.
> Other reasons I chose the Paradigm include their new innovative reservoir, and the smaller size.
> Minimed gave me a $400 credit against my copayment when I turned in my 507.
> I LOVE my paradigm!
> Linda


How do feel about having to use the only supplies that are available for use with the Paradigm?  I am
afraid that I might have site problems that I will not be able to resolve due to the singular choice
for supplies.

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