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Re: [IP] Cholesterol levels

You took the words right out of my mouth! :) Thanks for
saying that. We tried the standard dietary
manipulations (ie: on the dietary fat) to lower
Shannon's cholesterol but it didn't work. So, she was
started on Colestipol at the age of 9 (she is almost 12
now). She also takes some supplements that are helpful
for cholesterol. Her cholesterol is still high but
finally coming down a little. I've been doing a lot of
reading and researching and my next plan of attack is
the carbs to see if that will make a dent. I think it
will. There are some really good books out there that
explain the connection between carbs and cholesterol
very well and it makes a lot of sense to me. You can
remove all the fat you want but if the numbers aren't
budging it's time to look at other factors as a
possible cause. So, that's what we're doing. The carbs
are the one thing we haven't tried yet (and we aren't
doing a total reduction or even low-carbing, just
making some changes).

Natalie said:
Well, maybe yes and maybe no. Some high cholesterol is
genetic, and diet
will not touch it.

Some high cholesterol is caused by CARBS, not fat --
and there was even an
acknowledgement of that in one of the medical journals.

It really seems that the combination of carbs,
especially white ones, like
rice, bread, pasta and potatoes, plus saturated fat has
a bad influence on
cholesterol. So you can totally eliminate the fat, or
you can eliminate the
refined carbs (keeping the high-fiber nutritious ones
in moderation), and
pretty much get the same results.
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