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Re: [IP] Need help from Animas pumpers

In a recent IP message, Keith Grimes scribed:
My pump rep just gave me a little training session on using the R1000.
He's giving me a pump to play with for the weekend to see how I like it
before choosing to go with it. I'm also doing the same with the Paradigm.
The problem is that we set up an example basal rate for the day and
this pump is pushing out the saline. I've suspended it but now it's
beeping at me every three minutes. 

My question: How do I turn this pump off, or make it stop beeping, until
I'm ready to play with it again?


Just go to the basal setup and set the basal to deliver zero units/hour.
If you have a profile that you have not yet set or played with, it should
be at zero.  Just pick that basal profile and GO with it.

Someone suggested setting a temporary basal, which would work.  But you
would have to repeat every 12 hours.  By setting the basal to 0 U/h, you
won't need to pull the batteries.

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