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[IP] super low-carb diet

Catherine wrote:

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 15:14:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: catherine popper <email @ redacted>
I'm having an unbelievably hard time getting my
evening post-prandials down. My insulin requirements
skyrocket at night, to the point of sometimes ruining
the site. To keep my sanity (and to keep alive) I've
decided at least for the time being to cut out bread,
pasta and rice almost completely. I've been at 400
with large ketones TWICE in the past week and a half.
I've been an insulin-resistant 300 all the nights in
between. Anyway, is anyone else cutting out big
portions of complex carbs? Now I know what it's like
to have celiac disease or food allergies where your
diet is extremely limited. It sucks.

Yes, Catherine, there are other people cutting these out and I am one of them.
I too am very insulin resistent.  I try to have almost all my carbs come from
vegetables as much as possible, with a smattering of fruit, mostly berries.  I
do not eat white bread, I do not eat rice and I do not eat pasta.  This is
what works for me.  I do eat things like lentils, and maybe a slice of very,
very dense dark bread like ryes.  In the morning, I eat protein.  I might
allow myself one slice of dark bread but even that spikes me sometimes, it has
to have lots of fiber and very little processing.  Bolusing for bread products
is very chancy, it depends on whether I have exercised the night before etc.

I exercise a lot , which helps my insulin to be more sensitive.

Now, I will tell you, I do not consider my diet extremely limited.  Dr. Andrew
Weill, a man in the news a lot these days, says that people should run, not
walk from most processed high carb foods anyway.  But, I eat a lot of soybean
products, which are easy to learn to prepare, good for you, and don't
contribute to heart disease, rather the opposite.  I eat all kinds of
vegetables, including lots and lots of salad.  I eat nuts, almonds, lots of
almonds, which have the good kind of fat.  I eat peanut butter, the
unprocessed kind.  I eat fish twice a week, like salmon, I limit red meat to
once or twice a month, and I eat lots of chicken, tunafish, stuff like that.
I have a varied, excellent diet, and the only thing that I take a supplement
for is calcium (other than a daily vitamin) because I don't drink milk.

So try it for a while and see what you think.  As always, your mileage may
vary.  As always, I think you want to consult with your nutritionist and/or
your doctor.  I am only describing what works for me in terms of blood glucose
and weight control.

I can tell you this, my craving for carbs like bread and pasta went away after
three weeks or so, your mileage may vary of course.

Good luck.

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