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RE: [IP] Cholesterol levels

Regarding Cholesterol levels and taking medication....
My opinion on this is why take a medicine if you haven't first tried a low
fat diet?  The meds have lots of side affects with your liver, muscles and
other stuff.

Read your nutritional labels before you buy any foods and start cutting back
on fats especially saturated fats, not good for you. Use only olive oil if
you have to use oil and other than that you can use the oil sprays which
contain no fat.

Bake, broil or grill your foods and stay away from lots of red meats and if
you have to use chopmeat, make certain it contains no more than 7% fat.
Yes, it is more expensive but it's better for you.

Learn how to eat and like low fat cheeses, yogarts, butter, milk and stuff
like that.

Stay away from fried foods.  If you are used to frying foods, then try
baking them first spraying your pans with cooking oil sprays.

Look for foods high in fiber which also help w/the chol thing.

You will see yourself start to lose weight and your chol. will lower itself.

I believe that just taking a pill is very easy but once you learn to adapt
to a new way of eating (which by the way is much healthier for you all
around) you will not even like the taste of fatty foods anymore.

I've been on low fat diet for 4 years now and feel fine, lost 20 lbs and
have kept it off and my palate is very used to non fattening foods now...

	Kathy B.
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