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[IP] Anscore Test

Subject: [IP] Anscore Test

Hello to all,
Have any of you heard of or had an Anscore Test done?  It is a test of heart
rate variability and detects autonomic nerve damage to the heart.  I had one
done a few months back and it is non-invasive and requires you to blow into
a machine with your nose pinched, do it without the nose pinch and exhale
slowly and rise from a laying position to standing in a certain amount of
time.  Mine came back with moderate autonomic dysfunction.  I have already
been doing the treatment prescribed...A1C under 6.5, BP under 130/80, LDL
under 100, aspirin  and ace inhibitor.  The only other thing is to take 1600
mg of alpha-lipoic acid daily.  That seems like a HUGE dose.

The wierd thing is I had a cardio lite stress test also done and it came
back perfect!!??!!

Any thoughts?

?Dr Spot Anscore tests the slowing of your heart during  valsalva maneuver.
Blowing out against resistance. 1600 mg of ALA is an OK dose. Itake 1000mg a
day. spot

Type 1 44 years, MM 508 5/00
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A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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