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Re: [IP] insulin at high temps in Vegas

> My husband and I are traveling to Las Vegas at the end of the month.
> Last year the temp reached 112 when we were there. I was not on the
> pump yet. I am concerned about my insulin at such warm conditions.
> We plan to sit by the pool for several hours a day. Does anyone have
> any suggestions as to how to assure the insulin will not go "bad" in
> such warm conditions?? Mini med simply told me the pump will
> function ok but I am worried about the insulin.Dr suggested to not
> wear theump while I am at the pool. I'm nervous about not wearing my
> pump for such a long period? Anyone have any ideas??? 

there are lots of pumpers in Lost Wages. I'm sure their insulin does 
not turn up its toes at the sight of sunlight :-) Kick back and 
enjoy. Check your bg's occasionally when you are around the pool. My 
daughter always removes her pump when swimming and just checks every 
couple of hours or so. If she's just sitting around, she puts it back 
on. No big deal.
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