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Re: [IP] Upgrading to a newer pump

> I do not know what my insurance that I have now will pay.  I wanted to
> research before I got any gears turning as far as the insurance or the
> pump company.  I have read many threads about the best ways to choose a
> pump and am planning on taking those routes, but wanted to know of
> others experiences with upgrading from a working pump to a newer pump.

Last fall I upgraded my 506 to a 508 (a vast improvement, 
IMHO). This was justified to the insurance folks by a) my 
needing the square-wave bolus feature (as soon as I mentioned 
pizza, my endo said "Oh ya..."), b) the buttons were getting 
to where it was getting difficult to get a response from the 

The insurance company approved the upgrade. Of course, it took 
over 6 months and many phone calls from me and the the pump 
folks to actually PAY.                          - Bluejay 
Adametz, CFII, A&P, AA-5B N45210

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