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Re: [IP] Just started pumping/Thank you to IP

> Just wanted to let everyone know I started pumping last night (6/4) with an 
> Animas R1000 pump and Novolog insulin!  Amazingly enough, I already have 
> better pp bs#s and I'm only on one basal rate right now of .5/hour.  I also 
> had a bs of 80 at 3am, and was 83 before breakfast today-how cool!  I'm 
> really looking forward to finding more trends and setting up multiple basal 
> rates for better control.

I had a similar enlightenment when I started pumping. My 
control on multiple injections was ragged at best (it seems 
that those time-release insulins just wouldn't work for me). 
Just the idea that insulin would make my BGs go down, and I 
could correlate insulin with meter readings, was a revelation.
                          - Bluejay Adametz, CFII, A&P, AA-5B 

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