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[IP] OT-Virus? Not ME!

Seemed someone got a KLEZ from my addy. The nerve of that thing!


I am on a Macintosh and Macs -To The Best Of My Knowledge- aren't affected
by the actual virus.

What I feel may have happened is someone with my name/email in their Address
book has been infected and the virus is acting as if *I* sent something out.
I have also received this BFM from other list members who had NO knowledge
of having sent anything to me.

I have Norton, clean scan just now and am not affected by this virus.

I'm only saying this here because I don't want ANYONE I know to open
attachments you may get from me. If I even send anything, I write down what
it is and why I may be sending it. Don't open anything with .bat .exe .scr
or anything other than jpg or doc. *I* don't send .exe's and .scr's etc to

Thank you for your tolerance.

--The geek shall inherit the earth!
Jenny Sutherland
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