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RE: [IP] visit to U.S.

At 11:24 AM 6/5/02, you wrote:

>Since you are working on your thesis, and are heading to Kalamazoo, I am
>guessing you must be doing this through Kalamazoo College?  Is there a way
>where you could get reduced priced housing through them?  Either a dorm
>room, or be placed with a family?  For the most part people in SouthWestern
>Michigan are very friendly and helpful, it couldn't hurt to call and see
>what you can work out.

Or, Western Michigan University.  I know that some University's have 
insurance plans for students that you can get for a small amount of money, 
not sure how much they cover, but it might be worth looking into.  They 
also have student medical centers located at the University which may be 
cheaper too.  I also agree that perhaps the school might have some housing 
that you could get into.  Good luck Gretchen.  Btw, I'm in SE Michigan 
about 2-3 hours from Kalamazoo.

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