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[IP] Just started pumping/Thank you to IP

Just wanted to let everyone know I started pumping last night (6/4) with an 
Animas R1000 pump and Novolog insulin!  Amazingly enough, I already have 
better pp bs#s and I'm only on one basal rate right now of .5/hour.  I also 
had a bs of 80 at 3am, and was 83 before breakfast today-how cool!  I'm 
really looking forward to finding more trends and setting up multiple basal 
rates for better control.

I also wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to this group.  I was diagnosed at 9, 
I'm now 24.  In that time, I had seen an endo maybe once or twice (didn't 
want anyone to tell me what to do).  I saw an endo for the first time in my 
adult life on April 4, 2002.  He was wonderful, along with my CDE.  In two 
months I went from grossly incorrect dosages of NPH and Regular insulin- to 
Lantus/Novolog - to yesterday, my pump start date.  Although my doc's helped 
a bunch, this would not have happened without this e-mail group.  The 
majority of my information has come from here, and not any other source.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you, I recommend this group as often as 
possible.  My dad is also considering a pump, we started our search at the 
same time, and he is amazed at how quickly I have come along.  I keep 
telling him he should join this group!


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