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[IP] Pain with Insertion Needle

I have had the same thing happen several times with both the Soft-
Sert and the QuickSet which I am just now using.  I have had the needle nick a vein and then bleed profusely but it stopped.  Most times there is no problem but it seems to happen without any particular reason.
From: "Nikki Valcich" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] pain when withdrawing introducer needle

Hello everyone:

    Last week as I was putting in a new set, I had no problems with actually
putting the set in, but had a sharp pain when withdrawing the introducer
needle.  My blood sugar was fine later in the evening, so I left it alone.
I would feel a stabbing pain occasionally, if I would stretch or bend.
During the night, I couldn't take it, it hurt so bad!  Again, normal blood
sugar but I replaced it asap.  Last night it happened again.  Total pain
when withdrawing the needle!  I wanted just to leave the stupid needle in
there!  I pulled it out as fast as I could, but man, it hurt.  (I'm truly
not a cry baby, normally)  I left that set in, its in now and doing fine.

    Did I hit a nerve?  That was the only thing I could think of.  Something
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