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[IP] Exercise and the pump


I am a new pumper as well (paradigm for one month now) and also an aerobic instructor.  I take my pump off right before I start to exercise and then put it on as soon as I am done.  Sometimes I bolus for the missed basal, sometimes not.  My CDE recommended this becuase I would often go low when exercising or 1 hour later.  I exercise first thing in the morning.  I eat breakfast first, bolus half of the amount I would take if not exercising and disconnect to exercise.  I am often on the low side when I am done with class.  I may have to reduce the breakfast bolus.  I am still tweaking my basals and boluses at this point.

Hope that helps.

2 years on MDI - 1 month pumping
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Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 14:51:53 -0500
From: "Molly Rankin" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Exercise and the pump

i just got hooked up to my paradigm pump last week, and i have a few 
questions about exercising with the pump. my pump trainer suggested that i 
reduce my basal rate and keep the pump on while I exercise, but i don't know 
how comfortable I am doing this during intense exercise (such as kickboxing 
or circuit training.) please let me know what some of your experiences have 
been... my fear is that if i keep the pump on while i workout, even at a 
reduced basal rate, my sugar will go low-- as it often did when i was on 
MDI. i also don't imagine it would be too comfortable to keep the pump 
clipped on to me as i'm jumping around, any suggestions on where to wear it 
if i do keep it attached? all responses are appreciated... i'm rather 
inexperienced here :)
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