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Re: [IP] Cholesterol levels

On 6/4/02 9:02 PM, "meg teg" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Need a second opinion.
> My overall cholesterol is 196.  HDL is 79. LDL is
> 104. Ratio 1.3. Triglycerides 61. My endo wants to put
> me on cholesterol lowering drugs.  I'm 50 and don't
> take any medications but insulin. I run 15-20 miles a
> week and lift weights. I hate the thought of taking
> medications and really don't think my numbers are that
> bad. Any opinions? And why is he pushing this?

Yes, those numbers sound very good to me.  I've gotten my LDL down to 114,
but my Endo is getting VERY aggressive about getting that below 100.  So I
have upped the amount of Colestid that I take each evening.  You might ask
your doctor about this.  I had been taking Zocor, but it got to the point
where I didn9t have the strength or control to simply turn a door knob.
Statins can be very tough on the muscles, YMMV.  The Colestid works by
binding with the LDL and passing it through the digestive tract.  It has
been successful at lowering my numbers from the mid 200's, with little side
effect as long as I drink enough fluids.  As with all drugs there can be
side effects.  It has to be taken 4 hrs before any other drug you use or it
can lessen their effectiveness.  And YMMV.

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