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re: [IP] toddlers and pumps

>> what troubles you faced with having such a young pumper
>> and was pumping it worth it to you?  Do you find that children this young
>> interested in playing with the pump and the buttons?

My son is five and has been on the pump since he was three. We have never
had trouble with Ryan playing with the pump. He uses the minimed
"childproof" case and wears it on their soft belt around his stomach. He
even sleeps with the belt and has always been comfortable in it. I feel
better with the childproof case because I don't have to worry about it
accidentally coming open. Ryan has been able to unsnap it since he was four,
but he does not take out his pump without supervision. He understands how
important that is. I now let him program his own boluses under my direction.

Another responder mentioned that fasting basals were tough for toddlers. My
son could not even come close to passing a fasting basal test until
recently, and he still can't always pass them now. What I mean by he didn't
"pass" was that his BG dropped too much, which implied the basal rate was
too high. BUT, if we lowered his basals, when he was eating normal meals and
snacks, it was clearly too low. So, make sure to work closely with your endo
on basal adjustments at first. My endo at the time told us that you just can
not adjust most toddler's basals by fasting. I understood her to say that
even a non-diabetic child will often drop more than 50 points if they go
that long without eating. So there are many more factors involved than with
bigger folks. 

I have been thrilled with the pump for my son. He clearly felt better and
definitely enjoyed having a "normal" life again from the first day on the
pump. We have never regretted going to the pump for a minute, and will only
give it up when he is cured. So good luck to you!!

Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/18/00)
and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
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