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Re: [IP] Problems with feet

> I went to see my podiatrist today to have my toe nails removed...
> AGAIN... this would have been the 5th time!  I wanted to ask if anyone
> has had the same recurring problem with the nails growing back after being
> "yanked" out.  A couple of them have not grown back but are very
> They look and feel almost as bad as the nails.  He suggested that the
> be surgically removed and grafted with new skin.... yikes!  Has anyone
> heard of anything like this or has anyone actually had it done.  Tina


Yes, I had a great toenail removed when the whole thing was wiggly from
fungus - which I understand is also a common thing with many DMers. :-(
Three months later, when I was back to see the footologist I told him I
could feel 5 needle holes at the base of the nail. He didn't argue that it
was 3, or more than 5, he just said, "That's where I permanently deadened
the roots so the nail would never grow back. He said it would callous over
and I could keep it filed down with an emory board. I have a very sensitive
system and couldn't stand to do that - the skin was right on the bone.

A few years later, I notice the top of my toe turning black. I was really
scared, called, and the receptionist would not let me come in as he was
doing surgeries that day - even with all my explaining. It was a Friday and
I went in on Monday after worrying all weekend. Told dr. how scared I was
and he agreed, and I said that next time I'd go to the ER and they'd call
him and he'd see me. Anyway, he surgically removed that callous and I was
bound up again for healing. I then learned to use that emory board. I can
stand it there now - the skin (no graft) is toughened.

BTW, he told me I could even paint it with polish. YMMV (~_^)

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