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Re: [IP] Disetronic Rapids with Quick Release

occlusion alarm is our first clue, followed by high numbers, of course!

Once the alarm occurs, we tried reprogramming the bolus (no go, alarms 
again), then we tried disconnecting and tried to bolus and also tried to 
prime (still no luck), got shot in her, new site, etc. to correct high. Also 
tried switching to the other pump, using a new cartridge with fresh 
insulinfrom another bottle, checked the driver piston, etc. Finally, I tried 
disconnecting the tubing from the pump, got a syringe full of water and tried 
pushing the insulin through the tubing after I had connected the syringe to 
the tubing...still no luck - water wouldn't go into tubing, nothing was 
coming out of the other end at the connector. Tubing is definitely clogged...

any suggestions beyond tech support and replacements?

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