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Re: [IP] Re: dialysis

>here is also the ability of your body to tolerate dialysis. Some folks
> > to it like a duck to water. Except for it being an interruption to their
> > three times a week and a "dry" (very little fluid) diet, they go fine.
>This is what is soooo disturbing to me. The dialysis diet says you even have
>to measure the moisture in lettuce, celery, and grapes! I'm now almost at
>the point of a toasted cardboard w/cinnamon diet - at least it's dry! :-(
> > As for dust bunnies, don't worry, you will be taught everything you need
> > know about keeping an area appropriate for at home treatments.
>As my e-pals on another group (similar to this but 200 members) say, they
>about fainted when they saw the Baxter truck drive up and start unloading
>and unloading. Then they come back the next month to repeat it! :-(
> > Pam, mom to Sara
>email @ redacted (I have to laugh, it's too easy to cry at the type of an @)

Jan, at least when I was on Dialysis (and on a Baxter machine), they would 
unload the 30 or so boxes of solution and supplies, and put them in the 
closet of the spare bedroom.  That made it easy for me.  I just had to keep 
the puppy dog out of my room (at night) while I was connected.  I HATED 
those huge needles for hemo.

transplanted 11/6/97
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