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[IP] Re: dialysis

> Jan,
> There are many routes to go concerning dialysis and the one that is right
> you will be decided between you and your dialysis team.

I've been to a training session (last year) with a Baxter person and have
the fistula ready for hemo. The center is 4 miles almost straight down the
road. We also went to Chicago Northwestern Univ. for training there for
transplant. I'm trying to get on the tx list but with all the testing, they
won't accept me with my heart like this. I'm seeing neph monthly now since

> Probably the most important individuals involved in this discussion will
> your family. They will be instrumental in the type of dialysis that will
be available for
> you. Some patients families were willing to drive them to dialysis,

May be so - however, other than my hugsband, my family does not give two
hoots what happens to me. They are uninvolved in my life. While hugsband was
working I had to find families at church to rotate keeping me all day and a
night while in the cast for the fistula - as well as when I was blind
recovering from vitrectomy for 9 months, including before time to take me to
the bank, grocery shopping, to hosp to get EPO shots, etc.

> There is also the ability of your body to tolerate dialysis. Some folks
> to it like a duck to water. Except for it being an interruption to their
> three times a week and a "dry" (very little fluid) diet, they go fine.

This is what is soooo disturbing to me. The dialysis diet says you even have
to measure the moisture in lettuce, celery, and grapes! I'm now almost at
the point of a toasted cardboard w/cinnamon diet - at least it's dry! :-(

> As for dust bunnies, don't worry, you will be taught everything you need
> know about keeping an area appropriate for at home treatments.

As my e-pals on another group (similar to this but 200 members) say, they
about fainted when they saw the Baxter truck drive up and start unloading
and unloading. Then they come back the next month to repeat it! :-(

> Pam, mom to Sara

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