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[IP] visit to U.S.

Hi everybody. In a few weeks I'll be moving (temporarily) to the U.S. for
six months.  I'll be living on a meagre New Zealand salary (I mean tiny...I
have $40 per week to work with) and I'm looking for advice for making ends
meet.  I'd like to be able to drive, use a phone, have a roof over my head,
eat, keep my pump running and keep my body running with the other
medications I need. I'll have emergency type travel insurance, but nothing
to cover medications, doctor's visits, etc.  Oh yea..I'd also like to visit
medical specialists while there, such as a pump coach, eye specialist,
kidney specialist, diabetic specialist. The universe seems to be telling me
that this trip is impossible, but I'm determined to do this, despite the
obstacles and frustrations which seem to be endless.  It is a unique
opportunity to take paid leave from my job to finish writing my thesis and
I'm not one to miss an opportunity.
I'm applying for grants and scholarships and having a bit of luck there.
But if you have ANY ideas for me I will be grateful. I hope this "making
ends meet" hasn't been done to death,on this list, and I hope your creative
ideas will help!
P.S. any listers in Kalamazoo, my destination?
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