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[IP] Anscore Test

Hello to all,
Have any of you heard of or had an Anscore Test done?  It is a test of heart
rate variability and detects autonomic nerve damage to the heart.  I had one
done a few months back and it is non-invasive and requires you to blow into
a machine with your nose pinched, do it without the nose pinch and exhale
slowly and rise from a laying position to standing in a certain amount of
time.  Mine came back with moderate autonomic dysfunction.  I have already
been doing the treatment prescribed...A1C under 6.5, BP under 130/80, LDL
under 100, aspirin  and ace inhibitor.  The only other thing is to take 1600
mg of alpha-lipoic acid daily.  That seems like a HUGE dose.

The wierd thing is I had a cardio lite stress test also done and it came
back perfect!!??!!

Any thoughts?

?Dr Spot

Type 1 44 years, MM 508 5/00
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