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[IP] Dieticians???

We had almost exact experiences with dieticians that the young lady wrote
about earlier. They were so in tune with type 2 adult diabetics that a teen
was completely out of their comfort zone. When we added the difficulties of
Sara being an athlete, well we walked out after three different dieticians and
did not go back until recently.
Sara's level of competition and training jumped a few notches this year and
all of us involved;  Sara, mom, dad and coach decided that she needed a
nutritionist to help us keep her fed appropriately for this level of training
and Diabetes. Sara burns over 500 calories a day during peak training season.
A challenge to say the least.
After weeks of research on the WEB and talking to other coaches I found a
neat, quick and easy tool.
I could kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. What a dope!
The American Dieticians Association has a professional WEB site and it has
its' very own search engine.
You plug in the qualifications you need in a Dietician (we needed, Diabetes,
teen and athlete) selected a distance we were willing to drive and presto
chango...a list with addresses and phone numbers. It took less than 5 minutes.
I started calling and found one that works consistently with Diabetic teens
plus does the nutrition programs for several swim teams. SHE IS GREAT!!!!
Sara has never been healthier, and she was good before.
Sara does not even complain about some of the new restrictions because she
knows it is paying off now in BG results that are unbelievable for a female
teen. Plus her training is going better than she had ever hoped. She can see
being on the podium at state championships next year.
So good dieticians are out there. It is like finding an endo. that is the
right fit. Very personalized, but well worth the time. Especially with
teens...what a help. Sara is in finals this week at school and our dietician
was right there ready to help keep Sara's control nice and tight even with her
test anxiety.
Pam, mom to Sara,  16 this month, oh help.
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