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Re: [IP] George - Disetronic Rapids

On 4 Jun 2002 at 06:58, catherine popper wrote:

> Hi George and others,
> I would have emailed you privately but I deleted your
> last post. Which of the new Rapids are you using? I
> noticed one has a disconnect like the Sils/Tenders
> with an extra adhesive pad on the tubing, which I
> can't decide if it's a boon or a burden.
> Catherine

I am using the Rapids w/Disconnect, 6mm needle, 80cm tubing (31")  The 
disconnect is not like the Sils/Tender (at the site) but rather something like the 
Sofsets (on a pig-tail)  There are no extra adhesive pads, just the large one at the 
site, then I put a full IV3000 over that to maintain a moisture seal and to give the 
pig-tail a little stress relief.  I've found them to be a bit of a challenge so far since I 
like to wear the Rapids in my arm and the disconnect seems to be a two-handed 
operation.  It was a real challenge when it was in my right arm.  I'm no lefty, I'd give 
my right arm to be ambidexterous.   :>)      But with it now in my left arm I am 
becoming more proficient with it.   For those that prefer the metal needles, though it 
has been a long wait,  this is a boon!!!

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