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[IP] Update (this may be long)

I went to the see my CDE yesterday and had a fairly good meeting with
her.  She is working out a schedule so that I can catch up my training.
One of the things I learned after joining the list was how much I didn't
know.  I was getting no where with my doctor, but as my CDE says, he is
not in the education business.

I have lost 5 pounds.  Whooohooo!!!  Hey, its a start and very
inspiring.   :-)

I was able to discuss my problems with my being anemic and my menstrual
cycle with her.  She actually listened and I had documented the days
that I had experienced any amount of bleeding.  I now have a referral to
see a gyno to help resolve that problem.  They are also going to check
my thyroid.  Thyroid disease is also prominent in my family.

She also wants me to get the ball rolling to upgrade my pump.  She says
that she can only train me for the MiniMed pumps and is pushing the
Paradigm.  I am excited about getting a new pump, but at the same time,
I am a little afraid because I have read about people's problems.

Overall, she was very nice and caring.  She was willing to listen to all
of my issues.  I am not feeling so alone anymore.  :-)  I am in a very
good mood today and just wanted to share with you all.

Thanks for listening.
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