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[IP] Keeping those sets sticking!

Yeah, I know we have posted about this before, but I wanted to seek advice again about keeping sets "stuck on" me. The high here in Kentucky has been around 95 the last few days.  My last set only lasted one day. I kept applying more take as the old tape peeled, but the cannula finally just worked its way  out. After my
three week battle with the insurance company (AGAIN) about my pump supplies, I went ahead and talked them into paying for some Mastisol. I've never used this before. I was just using IV Prep and the tape that comes with the SofSets.
Question--do you still use the IV Prep and the Mastisol too?  Do you put Mastisol on the wings of the SofSet or on the area the tape will cover? How hard is it to get off later?  Has anyone had problems with irritation from the Mastisol?
Those hot sweaty summer days are here and I'm glad to know I will have some options for my sets.
(I think my ScotIrish and German background makes me a pale sweaty person. I must sweat much more than normal people do)
Any advice is appreciated.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
Where you can burn your hand trying to open a car door these days
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