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RE: [IP] Leg cramps

I experiece foot cramps and leg cramps from time to time. I avoid pointing 
or curling my toes, as that can set them off. I find that it seems to come 
in cycles - for a month or two I'll frequently have night time leg cramps 
and occasional foot cramps. Then for six months I won't have any problems. I 
never really associated it with diabetes - I just thought that's how my 
muscles are.

Type 1 7 years, pumping for two weeks now!

><snip>I have had these same symptoms with my legs and feet. If I curl my 
>forward the muscles on the bottom of my feet tighten up and keep
>tightening to the point where it gets really painful. My Endo told me to
>increase my Potassium levels as well. Just wondering how many Type 1
>diabetics have experienced these same problems?

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