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[IP] toddlers and pumps

what troubles you faced with having such a young pumper
and was pumping it worth it to you?  Do you find that children this young are
interested in playing with the pump and the buttons?

My son is 3 and has been on the pump since he was 2.5 years old.  THere is a
huge difference in BG's control with the pump.  We could not go back to MDI.
Regarding acceptance by the toddler I believe it's a matter of communicating
with your child like you would do with an adult.  It is amazing how they
understand everything at this tender age.  I think that most importantly love
and communication are the key for success.  I was very worried about my son
playing with the buttons because he is already a computer wizard but in fact
he "respects" his pump and don't touch any buttons but with me.  He carries
the pump in a fanny pack made for pumps (I think all major pump companies have
their own).  One of his pump pouches has a  two way zipper that could fit a
suitcase lock if necessary.  Luckily I haven't have that need "yet" but if
needed there is a way to lock the pump in the case.  He does play with the
cannula rolling it in his fingers but this is harmless because he does not
pulled it and I haven't have a problem with a bad cannula yet.  It is
challenging to set the basals because it is difficult, but not impossible to
keep your child fasting for long periods of time.  Activity is not a problem
but you should know about that issue very well having a child on the pump.  If
you have any question don't hesitate to ask, you can do it privately if

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