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[IP] Response to Lantus if Pump Breaks Down

My understanding is that Lantus (insulin glargine) is a 24 hour basal insulin
that starts working approximately 1 hour after injecting (of course it may
vary slightly, as you stated).  That being the case, why would it take 4 days
to "kick in", and why would it take longer than 24 hours to work its way out
of the system?  My doctor just recommended to me today that I keep Lantus (for
basal) and Novolog (for bolus) around as a backup to my pump.  I start pumping
tomorrow.  Yeah!


>IMO the problem with Lantus is that it has a very long 'half-life'- it takes
>at least 4 days, often more than 1 week,  to 'kick in' and also a long time
>to work itself out of the system. (........)

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