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[IP] Re: Muscle cramps

At 07:03 PM 6/3/02, you wrote:
>Muscle cramps are not unusual in diabetics. Type 2's get them more
>frequently than type 1's. they are supposed to result from damage to the
>membrane surrounding the muscle fibers and malfunctuioning stretch receptors
>which are part of the membrane. Quinine usually works to relieve and prevent
>these cramps but it should be used with care in people who have cardiac
>rhythm disturbances. spot
>A. L. Bender, M. D.
>email @ redacted

I don't get muscle cramps, but sometimes my legs and feet will just 
ache.  I can remember about 30 years ago, walking home from classes when I 
lived off campus and having my legs ache so much that I could hardly walk.

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