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[IP] Dialysis

I agree with Dr. Bender that dialysis puts a crimp in your life, but life 
does go on and I have to say that I have been on hemodialysis for almost 3 
years now and my life couldn't be any better (well it could be better if I 
were to get a call that I am going to be transplanted in the next few hours 

I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a loving and supportive husband.  
Granted, this makes it all a lot easier to handle because I know a lot of 
patients my age (I am 30) whose families are not very supportive, if at all.  
A lot of relationships cannot sustain the kind of stress this illness can 
hand out.  I guess I am one of the fortunate people and have a loving and 
supportive family and friends.

I also tried PD and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  You have to carry 
around 2 liters of fluid around in your abdomen and you constantly feel like 
you are pregnant (well in my case I felt like I was constipated all the 
time).  That is 8-10 pounds of extra fluid that you have to carry around 24/7 
and you cannot skip a treatment.  I prefer hemo over PD but it is all a YMMV 
and apersonal choice.  

3 years hemo and loving my life
I am just thankful to be alive
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