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Re: [IP] Lanthus?

I am currently on a "pump vacation" (sigh) and am using Humalog for boluses
and Lantus for my basal.  I MUCH prefer Lantus to NPH or Lente.  It took me
only 24 hours to get regulated (I'm not on a "short" vacation; it has been a
couple weeks so far) and, because it acts so much like my pump basal, I am
not tied to eating at certain times.  For example, as on the pump, I do not
eat breakfast and don't have low blood sugar problems.  However, unlike
being on the pump, I have one basal for each 24 hours so my control is not
as fine-tuned as it can be on the pump.  But, if I have to be off the pump
for a short while, I have had a good experience with Lantus.  Someone else
mentioned that Lantus is more expensive but, since I have the luxury of a
pretty good health insurance policy, I don't see the price difference; I
have the same co-pay.  I do think that it would be hard to regulate your
blood sugar with just plain old Regular, even if you're off the pump
briefly.  At any rate, going back to injections is a plain old bummer!

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