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[IP] Re: Dialysis

Spot wrote:
>>>If you are going to need dialysis, stay off of it as long as possible.

I'm told by people who are presently on dialysis and some who were but who
have had transplants that delaying until the last possible moment puts you
in a worse position to feel better. The further down you go, the further you
have to come up. They usually dialyze at 10% - emergency dialysis at 8%. I'm
at 12% and sleep about 12 hrs a day now. No life this way. The lack of my
kidneys flushing the toxins from my body is poisoning my system.

>>>Get your fistula put in when you do not need it, it heals better.

Did that 10/23/01 - It's ready

>>> See if you can do CAPD in your center. Its easy fast and requires
infusing solution in your belly and letting it out. every few hours.

I have also heard that peritoneal dialysis can cause peritonitis and you
have to have a fistula anyway cuz they still end up using it. Aren't most
CAPDs done at home? I also couldn't do that as I have too many dust bunnies.
You need a sterile almost antisceptic environment to do it at home. No way!
YMMV!!! (~_^)

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