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Re: [IP] Ring around neck

Hopefully she isn't one of those people who don't spill
sugar until they are very, very high because if she is,
it will be negative. If she doesn't have diabetes, she
probably does have some insulin resistance. At any
rate, she should probably see a dr about it. One of my
sons (7yo) had what I thought might be acanthosis
nigricans on the back of his neck not too long ago. It
wouldn't wash off so I knew it wasn't dirt. It could
have just been some splotchy tanning (actually it
reminded me a lot of chloasma of pregnancy, from
hormonal changes). Whatever it was, it is gone now.

David said:
All true, but Id probably try a Diastix pee test strip
first. I hope an 8 yr old spilling sugar would make an
impression on parents.
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