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No Subject

>>> email @ redacted 06/01/02 11:13AM >>>
Hi all, i get leg cramps every once in awhile. mainly in the middle of the
night my lower calve right leg. it wakes me right up out of bed. its very
painful like someone twisting the muscle. i have to like get it unstuck then
the next morning it hurts all day. i have neuropathy but my dr says does not
feel its from that. so i am getting a bone scan done monday, so maybe that
will tell me something. i eat well,  i keep hydrated i take vitamins,
including calcium, does anyone know what it could be? thanks for your help
Eileen pumping since 3/01 and loving it! ps dr is doing bone density scan
because i take levoxyl for thyroid disease and sometimes that can make you
have bone loss??
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Muscle cramps are not unusual in diabetics. Type 2's get them more
frequently than type 1's. they are supposed to result from damage to the
membrane surrounding the muscle fibers and malfunctuioning stretch receptors
which are part of the membrane. Quinine usually works to relieve and prevent
these cramps but it should be used with care in people who have cardiac
rhythm disturbances. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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