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Re: [IP] Lanthus?

> I have been pumping with the MiniMed 508 since January 2001.  My endo
> recently asked me what I would do if the pump broke down.  I had no
> My extra U 100 Nph had all been given away.  She gave me a new
> for NPH but now I am wondering if I might be better off with a
> for Lanthus.  Would it be that hard to adjust to lanthus if my pump did
> down?
> Thanks,
> Jimmy Durr

IMO the problem with Lantus is that it has a very long 'half-life'- it takes
at least 4 days, often more than 1 week,  to 'kick in' and also a long time
to work itself out of the system. NPH is my least favorite basal insulin for
long-term use, but it generally starts to work the way you expect the first
time you use it and would probably be the best choice for short-term use.
You usually have to take it BID, but then again Lantus is only a 19 to 22
hour insulin with many Type Is. Of course, YMMV.

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