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Re: [IP] lancet chages

  You are really looking for trouble big time when you flaunt your success 
of not getting an infection.   When I bought my first car in 1950, it didn't 
have seat belts.  Now, I won't drive a car unless it has air bags.  Would 
you want to drive a car without air bags, much less seat belts, today?  
Think about it.  Pat

The way I see it is, the more useless hoops that I make myself jump through 
to test my sugar or do a shot or change my set, the less likely I am to 
actually do it or to do it when I should.  I learned that lesson very 
quickly after being diagnosed.  For a while I thought I should go to the 
bathroom to do a shot so it wouldn't bother other people, but then I 
realized I was just not doing my shot.  So I started just doing the shot.  
Cutting out the useless steps, like going to the bathroom or changing the 
lancet or using the alcohol is probably saving my life - because it allows 
me to take care of what's important.  Now, of course, if I start getting 
infections, I will reevaluate, but for now it's working for me.


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