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Re: [IP] Raiding fridge in my sleep (Very Odd)

Hey guys.  I'm way behind in reading my mail, but better late than never...

I used to have a truly horrible time with sleep-eating and sleep walking.  I 
actually went to behaviorial therapy for 2 1/2 years for it.
One time, while I was asleep I took my last $20 and walked to the store 
around the corner from my house and bought a cheesecake and liverwurst.  
Sometimes I'd wake up with half chewed food in my mouth and crumbs on the 
pillow or chocolate smeared on my face.  Anyway, the behavioral therapy 
didn't work, but hypnosis did.  I also had a problem with falling asleep at 
night (never before about 5 a.m.).  But the night that I was hypnotized I 
went home and fell asleep at 11 o'clock and I have not sleep-eaten or walked 
(that I know of, at least) since.  An odd thing about the cure though was 
that it seemed to trigger my diabetes.  I got all of the symptoms about a 
week later.  I have always wondered if maybe the sleep problems were my way 
of dealing with stress...  Who knows.  At any rate, I have always felt that 
it was a darned good thing that I got the sleep-eating dealt w/ before I had 
to deal with the diabetes.  It takes all I've got to control my eating while 
I'm awake.


> > Have any of you had the problem of eating in your sleep? eating ice 
>cream I thought that having the pump would stop these but it still happens
>I could have writen this! I think it gets to be habit too.
>If awake, I tested. It was like catching the low before it got too bad.  
>Then bolus & eat IC anyway!
>I would wake standing at kitchen counter chewing rock hard icecream.  (for 
>sweats)  The cold can crack teeth if you drink something warm too soon 
>after.   Sometimes came out in morning & find small gobs of icecream on 
>floor, peanut butter jar on counter too.  (Ate protein with the carb)

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