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    I have seen many comments on the Htron..plus.. I must defend it since
it is my best friend. The reason there are two pumps is to make my life
more secure... knowing that if anything happened, which nothing has... I
would be able to have my replacement by walking into my bedroom and
opening up a drawer.

    The reason that the pump has  the  4 year  inspection due deal is
that the company requires that the pump get a technical inspection after
4 years of useage... which is timed by the amount of time you have the
battery in the pump. So the spare pump sits in my drawer without
batteries in it.

     This inspection is a great idea... with something that you place
such significance... it should be inspected to make sure there is nothing
that needs to be done before you experience a problem. They inspect it,
and let you know if anything needs to be done or whatever... repare
it and return it to you.  So, if you have two pumps and they are all set
to go for 4 years useage before a technical inspection is due... thats a
good 8 years.... or more. I don't think it is nice to say the pump only
lasts 4 years... that is an assumption and a mean one at that.

     I think all pumps are better than the unpredictable injections...
and i think people should respect each others preferences.... otherwise
they should seperate the pumpers group by the names of their pump so that
people won't offend others or their pumps. All of the pumps need to meet
guidelines to even make it to the market.... duh..... so lets all just be
happy there are choices and we are able to make up our own minds as to
what we want and why. Be glad there are companies out there willing to
compete for us. Without us where would they be??????????

                        Love always,

                     And waiting for a cure,


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