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[IP] transplants

Dialysis is a guaranteed treatment for life by the federal government. Way
back in the  60's-70's (I cannot remember the time frame exactly)  an MD took
a patient in total renal failure and who was unconscious at the time, i.e.:
near death, into a meeting of the congress or senate and performed dialysis
right there in front of them all. Well, the patient was awake, talking and
just fine by the end of the treatment. The government body immediately wrote a
provision that every one who needs dialysis gets it for life or until they are
transplanted. It was one impressive display.
I have often wondered what would have happened if this had been a Diabetic in
DKA, who was then  immediately treated with insulin and recovered. Would  any
of us be worrying about insurance covering our supplies now.?
Makes you think about timing and lifes' results.
I am sure your insurance covers the dialysis for a specified period of time,
but a reanl failure patient need never go without the treatment. There is
always a back up.
Pam, mom to Sara
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