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[IP] Re: potassium in foods - lifelong dialysis

> I agree. :) But please note that I didn't say anything
> about taking *supplements*. I just said make sure you
> are getting enough, meaning diet-wise (I wouldn't tell
> someone they needed to take a supplement - that is a
> hot topic). Many foods contain these items and other
> things in excess will leach them from your system - an
> excess of one thing may lead to a deficiency in
> another. Always best to rely on a well rounded/balanced
> diet before trying supplements anyway. But enough
> rambling from me! :)

Kelp, which I understand is in Sushi, has 5,273 mgs of potassium per 3.5 oz.
Strawberries have 160 mgs per 3.5 oz. Quite a bit of difference. The
*leaching* of the excess is done through the kidneys only, therefore, if any
kidney disease, watch that intake. I have a list of many, many foods with
the amounts of potassium if anyone would like it, write me privately so I
won't clog the list and I'll be happy to send it to you.  IF you need more
potassium, follow the top of the list, if you need less, go for the bottom -
usually safe around 150.

BTW, if you are on a low/no sodium diet as well, DO NOT use salt substitute
as it is almost pure potassium. When I had my heart cath last week they
included packets (like Sweet n low) of Nu Salt on my trays which were 530
mgs of potassium. Good thing I knew not to use it!!!

I'll still stick with my other suggestion of Tonic Water by the bed for
cramps as it has some quinine in it and some people sip it during those
cramps. Check the label! (~_^)


> ------------------------------

> Is it possible to stay on dialysis life long?  How long a life is that?  I
> seem to remember reading in my health insurance information that they
> only cover dialysis for a set period of time.  If your lifetime is longer
> than that, what are your options then?  I've always wondered about this.
> RoseLea

Medicare takes over after 90 days, then is retroactive. ;)  I believe it was
back in the '70s the law was passed to do this. I have a friend very upset
by it since many people are living longer and more have kidney failure,
therefore the gov. is paying more to keep these people (me, soon) alive.
What Medicare doesn't pay, your insurance should pick up.

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