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[IP] Flying with a pump

In the last two months, I've flown a total of ten separate flights.  Only
once have they asked about the pump--they asked if I could remove it.  Just
told them no, it was semi-permanently connected.  I do seem to get wanded
relatively often, but I don't know what percentage of passengers on each
flight are selected in any case.  I carryon only what I really need--one or
two site changes, insulin, syringes, food, meter and extra strips.  Plus one
change of clothing and an ample supply of reading material just in case.
Everything else gets checked.  The only annoying incident was when they did
the full search on my carryon and decided to open the control solution for
my monitor and didn't close it securely--and it leaked sticky red gunk all
over.  Fortunately, the meter was fine.  Just anothing thing to fill away in
memory--if you are the lucky recipient of the full search, checking out your
carryon after they get done with it might be a good idea.
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