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[IP] Re: 2 is better then 1

> > I beg to disagree. The only significant market for pumps in Europe is > 
> Germany and MiniMed does not supply two pumps in Germany, nor anywhere 
> else. > The concept is clearly that ''you always have a backup'' - 
> something which I > find a bit silly for competent adults: if you cannot 
> cope with pump failure > for a day or two, should you be on the pump in 
> the first place? <SNIP> >Supplying two pumps could mean that they are not 
> to sure about the quality >of their products - but that's being a bit mean.

Well, I've got only one thing to say on this point... I have taken multiple 
shots for more than 30 years and if something happens to my pump (and being 
a believer in Murphy's Law) I don't care to go back on them.  In 2 years of 
pumping I have not taken one shot.  So, if that makes me less of a 
competent adult, then so be it.

H-Tron Plus user
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