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Re: [IP] seizures

<<  On the nights that he has seizures, did he exercise at all that day or
evening?  My son had several nighttime seizures (as a toddler) prepump.  He
had always exercised during the day. >>

Nothing out of the ordinary.   He quit going to school back mid-January
when he was already suffering from DKA.   Never made it back to school
this term, so no real activities out of the ordinary.

> << Do the seizures occur during a certain time at night? >>

They've all occured between 6AM-9AM when he was sleeping.   For two
of those he had even gotten up for 15 minutes around 7AM and ate
breakfast with normal blood sugar amounts, then gone back to bed
(had switched to a college sisters schedule while home-----late nights,
and sleeping in).

<< You may want to do > hourly blood sugar checks during that range of hours
 to make sure his basal > isn't too high.  Just a couple of thoughts. >>

We've tried that too!  I'm totally sleep deprived  :)
You might see times when he was like 200 around 4AM,
170 around 6AM and then BAM!   HE's seizing at 6:45 and
immediately post-seizure his reading is in the 50s or lower.

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